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Hard Water Problems

Indications & Testing
If you notice dull laundry, spotting on your tubs and sinks, dry skin and brittle hair, it is most likely due to hard water. It can build up in your pipes over time, lowering your water pressure and shortening the life span of your heating and plumbing systems. We provide a free water test to determine if Water Hardness is causing problems with your water supply.

Causes and Sources of Water Hardness
Calcium and magnesium are the primary minerals that contribute to water hardness, though other minerals may contribute as well. The greater the concentration of these minerals, the harder the water. Hard water does not clean as effectively as soft water, can clog plumbing, and cause buildup on porcelain, fixtures, and plumbing.

New Hampshire & Maine Limits for Water Hardness

New Hampshire
Water Hardness 500 mg/L

Water Hardness 500 mg/L

Recommended Treatment
Water Conditioner

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