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First and foremost, we would like to welcome you all to our newly re-designed website. It is a live, interactive work in progress. We are very excited with the new format and outcome and look forward to updating it regularly with useful water treatment education and knowledge.

During the first half of this year Summit View Water, Ltd. will be transitioning their office from the current Tamworth location to Conway, NH; just a short 15 miles north of where we are located now. This new location comes in part after our recent acquisition of Art’s Water Tech services out of Bartlett, NH. Moving the office to a mutual location between the original SVW and AWT will merge two businesses into a new entity and provide the most effective exposure and location for our clientele. We are so happy to create a showroom our clients will love.

With the introduction of our new website, the new upcoming location and recent staff additions, we have quite a bit going on for 2014. Our team is growing and we anticipate all of these changes to be positive moves towards continuing our high level of customer service and satisfaction. We are so thrilled about all that is happening with Summit View Water, Ltd. that we just couldn’t hold back from sharing with everyone.


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